Thursday, January 17, 2013

Off Color/Orange Tulip Conspiracy/Velvet Martini

Greetings OFF COLOR Fans!

Got a great little update for you!  Things are ramping up nicely as we shift January into full throtle!
Had a great night out last Wednesday Jan. 9th at King King seeing the lovely and talented
who will appear with us on the 23rd!

And the jaw dropping musical acrobatics of

We are super excited to play at King King again on
Wednesday Jan. 23rd @ 9:30pm!

Free Show! 

Much thanks to Jaclyn Strong and The Codega!

 Our friends Charlie Played Cello will be opening up the show at 8:15!
They are a great pop/rock band!
Check out their awesome video:
"Memories Collide"  

Looking forward to seeing you at King King Hollywood
Wednesday January 23rd @ 9:30pm!

 Also, have you downloaded OFF COLOR yet?
If so, what do you think?
Got a favorite song?
Favorite moment of the set?
Favorite lyric?
Holla at us! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wow! 2013! Its actually happening!

The new air of possibility is floating around these days!
 We are definitely thrilled by this!
Having released 3 teasers and 3 singles last year...
 We feel poised to take OFF COLOR to the bigger and better heights!

One major recent event was the new OFF COLOR kit! 

     Off Color Kerim says, "I've really wanted to a play a kit with 2 rack toms, but that didn't require a stand for each one. My new Pearl VBA Vision Birch Drums - they're a Birch/Basswood combo with a wrap finish I fell I totally love with!  They're made sturdy and they sound great!"

     "It's also inspired me to upgrade other parts of my kit.  My snare stand had become really wobbly -- everytime I hit the snare, it would move, making my rimshots go from perfect to 'shank-o-liscious!' I took it to Jerry at Pro Drum - as we know, he can fix anything!  He drilled a new hole into the stand and hammered in a stabilizing pin.  Now it's better than ever!"

Try to find the fix!

Secret Drum Knowledge
     "As I watched Jerry work, I noticed a small office behind him that I hadn't seen before. There was a gentleman sitting back there behind a desk filled with stuff.  Jerry asked if I needed anything else. I replied, 'Do you have a book called Wrist Twisters?'  I read about this book in a recent interview with Matt Cameron from Soundgarden in Drum! MagazineI was intrigued because I'd never heard of the book before.  After I mentioned it, the guy behind the desk overheard me and said 'Wrist Twisters?' - like he had just heard the name he'd not heard in a long time...a long time."

      "He says, 'Yeah, we got it.' Seconds later, he handed it to me..."

     "...I flipped through it and was really impressed with what I saw.  The author, Elden C. "Buster" Bailey, gives a great introduction and a breakdown of how tension disrupts and destroys creativity."

"Muscular Tension = Technical Difficulties =
expression roadblocks = more tension =
technical difficulties beyond our control = musical gridlock =
You're not having fun anymore."
     "As a teacher, student, and player, I love information like this! Once again, Pro Drum is the place to go when you need to get to the root!" 

     In other news, we got together to chart out our goals for January: we plan to update our website, book as many festivals as possible, and create great show nights with other bands we dig! Stay tuned!

     Our next show will be Wednesday, January 23 at King King Hollywood - 9:30pm. Drop us a line on our event page, share it, and tell us let us how your 2013 is going!  We want it to be a kick ass year for all of us!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE - The Roxy - Vintage Trouble & Sy Smith


Greetings all!  We've made it through a superstorm, an election, and the apocalypse!  So celebrating the arrival of 2013 was to definitely be enjoyed!

Off Color Kerim ... getting ready to go out the door ...

Blue (almost) Suede Shoes! :-) 

After meeting up with Off Color Roger and Quinn Messmer...

Off Color Roger & Off Color Kerim

... Sy Smith and her band took the stage and got the crowd in the perfect party mood!
 Awesome and styling ladies making it happen!

Then it was time for the main act, Vintage Trouble, who began their set with a mouth watering video which showcased their touring of the States, Europe, and late night TV!

These guys kept the crowd rocking solid for 2 hours and rang in a joyous and eagerly anticipated New Year!

Here's to 2013 ... may we all enjoy peace, creativity, and prosperity!

See you soon!!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Celebrating 2012 -- 3 Releases -- 3 Teasers

Greetings Off Color Peeps!

     We hope you all have had great holidays and are ready to ring in a new baby called 2013! 

     It's been a great year for us - opening for HR of Bad Brains at The Whisky and 3 new songs, "Shark Attack", "Piracy", and "Land of Chocolate Milk and Honey (LOCMAH)."

     We also released 3 singles with the help of Master Audio Specialist, Quinn Messmer! 

     We wanted to showcase this  collection of the video teasers that Quinn produced! 

Our first release: "GARGOYLE" 7/22/12 (with Kevin Whitaker @ Special Touch Media)

 Our Second Release: "NACHO" 10/23/12 (with Kevin Whitaker @ Special Touch Media)

 Our Third Release: "PLANT ME" 12/18/12

Learn more about Quinn! You can check him out here: 

 Quinn Messmer at The Soundbank

Thanks for your support! Please feel free to check out the complete songs here:
Buy and Download Here:
Official Off Color Store

Thanks for all the support!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Video Teaser for Single: "Gargoyle" by OFF COLOR

Gargoyle is about to Drop...


Thanks to:

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OFF COLOR @ MAX STEINER's - Recapping the highlights!

Hey Everyone!

     It's Kerim here, blogging on behalf of OFF COLOR!

     We played Long Beach last night!  Max Steiner's is a spot that LOVES musicians.  With a spacious floor, pool tables, and a huge rectangular bar, the layout in awesome!  Ken Huntington, who books the venue, is a real music fan who takes great pride in putting on good shows.  After our first night there in February, I knew we'd enjoy doing more shows with him! Our first show was a smash as we shared the stage with Johnnie Heartbreak and The Radical Legs and The X Chemical!  We had some great new fans groove with us as it became apparent Long Beach is a treasure to be enjoyed!

Off Color
Johnnie Heartbreak and the Radical Legs
The X Chemical
    Off Color Monday March 12th...

       So, last night (our 2nd Off Color Monday) was awesome cuz...Rog is working his new amp approach:

A 1985 JCM 800 2x12 50watt on top of the slant Marshall 4x10! 

This amp deserves a whole blog in itself as it was revived from the dead by Quinn Messmer and Roy Blankenship of Blankenship Amp Repair in North Hollywood. (Roy-We are SO grateful to you making this monster come alive again!)  The 2x12 is faced the other way which helps the higher tones mellow before they impale the crowd.  This set up is really amazing, considering all the tones Rog is working with - delicate clean and shimmering to GUT-BUCKET CONCRETE SLAB CRUNCH!

Check out Rog's amp turned around and T-Bone's augmented mic stand!
     Was that the end of the unorthodox?  NO!  T-Bone's mike stand was too short, so Ken had the great idea of placing it on top of my snare stand, which worked out perfectly!

     My excitement was building with all these new configurations!  As we were waiting for Rog to make final adjustments, T-Bone began to play one of his awesome instant classic bass lines--so I started playing thing is, we're jamming in front of our audience as a sound check!  That went so well, we spontaneously did it again towards then end of set, Tad improvising really cool lyrics and melodies!

   This gig was really fun for me, as I'd been practicing new stuff consistently through the week.  This made playing our songs even more fun!   I'll probably blog about practicing and the gear I use in another post...stay tuned!

Our Set:

Gargoyle (Prepare Yourself)
Stay in Line (Ken said this got his juices flowing!)
Dr. Bandini
Simon Says The Kingpin (Fishbone Cover)
Whipping Boy (My Favorite of the Night)
Plant Me

     We were then ready to welcome our guests,  Multitude Of Girls and A Bleeding Sky.  MOG rocked it trio style with great energy and showmanship and TONE! Always great to see Andre, Kenny, and Kenny rock out and entertain!  A Bleeding Sky ripped holes in the silence with an untethered punk fury -- new drummer Benji was awesome in the saddle-Mike super cool and grooving on bass-Sky being the captain of the ship on guitar and vocals...they took a no holds barred attack! Hopefully, I'll get some more pics to add of these awesome bands in action! 

     .....And so it was!  Now, we look forward to our show at The Viper Room this Sunday at 8pm!

     Thanks for reading! Please visit us, "like" us, and drop a note letting us know how you're doing!


Kerim The Dream


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OFF COLOR Maiden (Blog) Voyage

OFF COLOR -- It's been a long time coming...we are finally setting up shop to reveal ourselves...tastefully of course! 

     Hi there!  I'm Kerim, writing on behalf of Off Color and I've come down with the flu as we speak, so this may be less than perfect, but what the fuck, shit cannot be perfect all the time, so Imma roll with it. Although I'm sick, we managed to have a band meeting last night and get our asses in gear for 2012.  Guess what?  We's blogging now!  By the way, if you ever want to catch an OFF COLOR meeting, you can usually find us at The Urth Cafe in Santa Monica, probably on a Monday night.  We'll be disguised as polite young men!

     We're pretty excited--our friend Quinn has been putting amazing touches on recordings we started back in 2008.  Yeah, yeah, it has taken us a long time, we know.  Anyway, we plan to be dropping our  first one in early February.  By the way, we've got a gig Sat Feb. 4th at TRiP in Santa Monica.

     Another goal is to get our website and mailing list in order.  By the way, if anyone knows a dope web designer/webmaster, feel free to put us in contact -
     We plan to play a lot this year and work it out -- I'm even gonna start singing, so that should be interesting!

     We're very excited to be reaching out to our fans and devoted followers in this way.  We can't wait to have a great journey with you and create something really fucking cool, as it were!

     See YOU at the show!

Kerim c/o